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Electronic Boost Solenoid

Electronic Boost Solenoid

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Our Electronic Boost Solenoid is the perfect addition to any turbocharged vehicle. With a 3-port solenoid design, this solenoid is the most common method for controlling boost in aftermarket setups.

  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) driven for precise and stable control
  • Stable, reliable, and fast boost targeting
  • Suitable for most turbo and supercharged applications
  • Compatible with most aftermarket ECU applications (like Haltech and MoTec)
  • Replacement for boost control solenoids offered by Turbosmart, Cobb Tuning, AEM, Autronic, Haltech, Grimmspeed, and many others
  • 5.4W, 25.4ohm coil, full vacuum to 120 PSI

Package Includes:

1 x Solenoid Valve

3 x Brass Fittings


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This product is designed and sold for racing and off-road use only, and is not intended for use on vehicles registered for on-highway use. It is not legal for use on emissions controlled highway or street vehicles. We encourage our customers to check their local laws and regulations before purchasing and installing this product.


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